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Live Fire - BBQ 

36 Hours Notice

Call Lisa Tanet (504) 307-7811

Larger and Smaller Amounts Available

Priced per pound - 5 lb min 

Pork Shoulder

Beef Brisket

BBQ Bologna

Pork Belly Bu​rnt Ends

St. Louis Ribs (Full Rack)

Baby Back (Full Rack)

Minimum Order 10 Servings


Hot Dog (2)

BBQ Pot Pie

Twice BBQ'd Shrimp

BBQ Spaghetti

Whole or 1/2 Chicken

Whole Turkey or Legs

Priced Per Pound - 5 lb min

Pork Boudin


Smoked Sausage

Alligator Sausage

Crawfish Boudin

Couchon de Lait

Whole Hog


Half Pan Serves 10-12 Guests

Corn Maque Choux Salad

Mardi Gras Cole Slaw

Bourbon Baked Beans

Hoppin' Johns

Greens and Ham Hocks

9th Ward Potato Salad

Pimento Mac & Cheese

Grilled Mixed Vegetables

Charred Brussel Sprouts

Parmesan Tomatoes

Italian Pasta Salad

German Potato Salad

Caprese Salad

Cowboy Caviar

Broccoli Salad

Corn Pudding

Mexican Street Corn

Dirty Rice


Hillbilly Parfait

Cornbread Pieces

Fruit Salad

Any food, Any place, Anywhere.  

From fancy to casual - give us a call.

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